A wayward
vision in fashion


Shop Marissa Elise was created by fashion blogger and stylist Marissa Elise out of Dallas, Texas.

I have put so much time, energy, love, and passion into creating Marissa Elise the brand. Fashion is not only my passion but also my greatest form of self-expression and I want that for my fellow queens. Marissa Elise was created with all ladies in mind, regardless of their style. My pieces are carefully selected to be paired with any personality and style. You can utilize my pieces to create various looks to fit your own unique flair. 


I want you to purchase those items that inspire you to get up in the morning, tackle the world with confidence, and to look good while doing it. I want to change the norm and get you ladies excited to get dressed. I have pieces for all occasions, whether it’s date night, work, brunch, or the kid’s soccer practice. Regardless, I want you to look good and feel good while living your best life. So, shop with ME  and I promise you won't regret it.